About Spiritlink Communications

Spiritlink Communications provides innovative branding, interactive training, and solid sales and marketing solutions. We like working with sustainability-minded individuals, companies and non-profits.  


Our motto is "enhancing sales and marketing strategies with creativity and innovation."  We understand that you expect demonstrated results for your investment in any coaching and consulting services; we're committed to showing you the direct link between our services and your success. 


We believe that systems outperform talent, that random acts of kindness are priceless investments in humanity, and that the spirit of entrepreneurship can invigorate people and places.


Kristin Kozuback started Spiritlink Communications in 1999 to provide small business owners with technical tools and personal support to realize their dreams. Spiritlink has grown to become a leader promoting practical ways to embrace social responsiblity.  See the page "Thank you to Coast Salish Peoples"  for more insight into her motivations for engaging in work that hires and trains Aboriginal Youth.


How did we choose the name Spiritlink?

While registering for an international women's conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre in 1999,, I was surrounded by hundreds diverse groups of ladies chatting in various languages.  For some reason, a man in a business suit was trying to weave his way directly through hundreds of women instead of avoiding the registration line-ups by taking the empty path around the outside of the foyer. He was looking more and more annoyed with each step - then suddenly had to stop when one woman let out a huge laugh and stepped backwards directly into his path. He nearly tripped, rolled his eyes, and let out a huge groan, saying, "HMMMPH! Women!" As he scurried around, many of us shared 'knowing smiles,' then chuckles, then some laughter, then some retold the story to other women around them... and soon many spirits had connected across languages and cultures to link in laughter.


That is a huge reason why I chose "Spiritlink" in my company name; to remember that positive connection and to reflect the concept that when values and goals align, "spirits can link" to create wonderful synergies. 


Spirits connect for various durations in numerous ways, whether briefly through a smile between strangers, quickly though teams working on a short term project, or gradually over years through the course of building trusted business relationships. 


How does Spiritlink turn ideas into actions to serve people?

Explorer Thor Hyerdahl is cited as providing this inspiring quote: "Turn ideas into actions to serve people."  It permeates our work promoting socially responsible, sustainable business practices. Check out the"Aboriginal Language Thank You Postcard" pages and client success stories to see how ideas can turn into actions.


Click on these links to learn about our logo , our clients, and our team. The picture below is from our Aboriginal BEST - Business Entrepreneurship Skills Training - Program  graduation dinner in December, 2007...and we have stayed in touch with many of these people today.