Kristin Kozuback
M.Ed. (Masters of Indigenous Education, SFU)
C.S.P. (Canadian Sales Professional, CPSA)

Kristin Kozuback Spiritlink RedWAY MediaGrowing up in Sherwood Park, Alberta near the "City  of Champions", Kristin is a sports enthusiast who believes that winning teams are the result of honouring individual strengths, finding effective systems, and embracing a solid work ethic.

She believes that to serve the team and community, individuals are expected to contribute to the best of their ability, on and off the field. Drawing inspiration from her work with a range of retail clothing industry leaders, Kristin has developed her own set of winning systems that allow people's talents to shine through.  She started her customer service career by selling shoulder pads and tape at the Edmonton-Okanagan Hockey Schools at age 14. Every summer for 4 years, she was immersed in an environment where hockey stars and coaches helped kids develop lifeskills and physical talents to be more successful teammates - and champions.

In 1986, she began a 9-year career with the clothing retail leader Below the Belt, Inc., working her way across malls in Edmonton from salesperson to store manager. In 1997, accepted a position in Vancouver, BC as the Provincial Retail Merchandiser for Levi Strauss and Co. (Canada) Inc., a training and marketing job that took her around the province to support the diverse family of major accounts.

Upon falling in love with Canada's 'wet coast', she stayed in the Lower Mainland and worked in the fitness industry until joining an incredible team at the Greater Vancouver Venture Centre (GVVC) in 1999.   The team had just won a national award in 1999 for Best Practice in Youth Entrepreneurship in Canada, providing small business training and coaching sessions for clients from all backgrounds, ages and Nations; she knew it was time to start her own company (Spiritlink Communications).


Spiritlink was formed to provide innovative training sessions and implement sales and marketing strategies.

Shift to sustainability and social responsibility
And that is where her career (and vision) began to shift... while learning from community development and socially responsible business leaders at the GVVC, she began to connect with Métis and First Nations entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders striving towards self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  

She was soon challenging how Canadian history has been documented and taught through the colonized perspective, with little recognition of the rights and titles of our First Peoples, with little respect for the diversity of cultures and languages across Canada, and with little concern to reconcile past injustices to be able to work together more effectively.  


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She accepted a position at the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business - BC Chapter to support partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses looking to create mutually beneficial relationships. She soon began coaching, consulting and teaching with organizations like the Assembly of First Nations Youth Group, the Squamish Nation of BC, Touch of Culture Designs, Helping Spirit Lodge Society, and BC's largest Aboriginal Private Post-Secondary College, the Native Education Centre College. 

Since 2007, Kristin has been coordinating and teaching in the Aboriginal BEST "Business and Entrepreneurship Skills Training" Program  She has learned from and worked with over 450 First Nations, Métis and Inuit participants to 'nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship' in people, families, communities and organizations.'

Check out the "BEST Learning Journal" from the spring 2015 Bella Coola BEST.



This 40-50 hour course builds on Indigenous ways of teaching (ideas such as place-based learning, respecting local traditional knowledge, and inclusion of all community members).  It is a free, comprehensive small business course delivered directly in Aboriginal communities across BC. 

Kristin also learned from many students and co-workers at the Native Education College while teaching culturally-relevant certificate and diploma programs. For seven years, she taught various courses in NEC's Applied Business Technology, Office Administration, Small Business Development, and Aboriginal Tourism Management

Kristin now has 25 years of facilitation, sales development and marketing experience and has developed over 20 sales training and professional development workshops for both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community, including: 

Kristin has a team of Aboriginal Advisors (Youth, business leaders and social workers) who keep her connected to many ideas, challenges and opportunities in the Aboriginal community.    

Lifelong Learning Journey - M.Ed.  

Kristin is honoured to have completed her Masters of

Education Degree at Simon Fraser University. 

She graduated in 2010 with an M.Ed. specializing in Indigenous Education, Diversity and Curriculum Design... she likes to call it her Masters of Indigenous Education (or M.Ind.Ed. degree). 

She continues to be inspired by her cohort members, her students, professors and the readings of anti-racist educators like George J. Sefa Dei, who in "Unmasking Racism: A Challenge for Anti-Racist Educators in the 21st Century," challenges us all to work together to fight the battle to overcome complacency in education, for the benefit all students and communities:

"There is an urgent need for all engaged in the pursuit of social justice and equity to work across the differences and intellectual divides that hamper our ability to develop a collective resistance."

Kristin encourages other educators to continually challenge their own way of knowing, teaching and learning. The Simon Fraser University brochure for the Masters of Indigenous Education program reads: This program is intended for educators interested in First Nations education... to examine critically a range of theoretical perspectives on issues of equity and practical concerns that impinge on the quality of education." 

Yes, it's tough to challenge your previous teachers (and parents)...and their ways of learning. It is disturbing and disruptive to continually question 'the body of knowledge' that you learned - yet that knowledge often included only a biased perspective of HISstory and science, of medicine and the arts, as written and recorded by predominantly by White males with Eurocentric, sexist, homophobic, capitalist  perspectives.  It is challenging to look for common ground instead of polarized differences.

Learning to seek other voices, perspectives and versions of 

His- or Herstory are important skills for people seeking social justice...asking who benefits from this perspective or that viewpoint takes a lifelong journey of critical thought.

But the  journey is an incredible experience!   


2014 City of Vancouver 'Remarkable Women' Nomination: Reconciliation 


Kristin was nominated for a City of Vancouver 'Women of Distinction: Remarkable Women" Award for her work promoting diversity, respect, and inclusion. 

Remarkable Women City of Vancouver Kristin 2014

Commitment to Professionalism

Kristin has maintained her C.S.P. designation (Certified Sales Professional) in 1999 from the Canadian Professional Sales Association. 15 years of retail, managerial and marketing experience helped her meet the rigorous certification standards, of the Canadian Professional Sales Association, becoming one of less than 1500 salespeople across Canada who had earned the C.S.P. at the time. 

She was motivated to earn the designation by a commitment to lifelong learning, a belief that salespeople can be ethical leaders, and desire to maintain a competitive edge.

maintains her C.S.P. status and continues to promote ethics in sales and social responsibility.