Thank you to Coast Salish Peoples

Gratitude from Kristin at Spiritlink

I’m honoured to be living on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish Nations often referred to as BC’s Lower Mainland. 

As a non-Aboriginal person living and working here, I offer my respect, recognition and gratitude to Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.

Most North Americans, including myself, received very little education about the healthy, adaptable and often diverse First Nations communities thriving across Canada for thousands of years long before "discovery” by Europeans.

It is frustrating to learn about the attempts to remove Indigenous peoples from their land and to discredit their traditional ways of knowing, teaching and being. It is uncomfortable, yet necessary, to examine the impact of imposed colonial policies, research and systems of government and education. 

And yet the more I learn about and work within Aboriginal ways of teaching, knowing and being, the more I feel that many of the world-views resonante well with the directions I'm heading to promote social justice.  Sustainable thinking, including all peoples of all ages and talents and backgrounds in community planning, respect for nature, openness to 'Other' Nations' beliefs, and sense of interconnectedness - these are values I identify with and continue to develop in my own life, personally and professionally. 

I'm committed to creating an inclusive, more informed and innovative Canada – primarily by learning from our past and promoting Aboriginal initiatives and partnerships today.  

I'm taking the Masters of Indigenous Education Program at Simon Fraser University (SFU) to better develop my own skills so that I can better address the need for social justice in boardrooms and classrooms.

I strive to building stronger relationships based in recognition, respect, reconcilation and reciprocity - and invite you to share your insights with me.

Again, thank you to the First Peoples of the Coast Salish communities upon which I now call 'home,' and thank you to Canada's Aboriginal Peoples for sharing this bountiful land - I treat it, its stories, and its Peoples with honour and respect,

Kristin Kozuback