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We support people and organizations that align with our values of promoting social responsibility. We will create and publish here profiles of these like-minded people as we develop this website and our Facebook, Twitter, blog, and LinkedIn pages.

We start by thanking Stó:Lö Nation artist and activist, TTara-Lee Gardnerara-Lee Gardner for her help in designing and selling the t-shirts we are selling to promote Orange Shirt Day - Every Child Matters. We originally met Tara-Lee in 2011 when she was studying Northwest Coast Jewelry Art at the Native Education College and participated in our Aboriginal
BEST small business courses
 We reconnected with this artist when we saw her at a market selling her line of activist-inspired jewelry and clothing that features animal rights and environmentally responsible themes.

Within one day of sharing our idea to support the Every Child Matters campaign, Tara had created a fun, brightly orange t-shirt with a unique First Nations inspired chickadee design.

As Tara-Lee writes on her blog Gardner Jewellery Logo

 The chickadees this orange shirt are truth singers and they want to spread the word about Orange Shirt Day. Please help them by sharing this story on Facebook, Twitter or email with the hashtag #OrangeShirtDay  


Tara-Lee Gardner is part Sto:Lo Nation heritage and is building
up her ethically-inspired jewelry and t-shirt business. Please visit her site at - and tell her the orange shirt chickadee sent you! .

Together, Kristin and Tara-Lee decided to donate $5 from every $20 t-shirt sold to Reconciliation Canada to help them in their work in supporting Residential School survivors, their families and the idea that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

That's the kind of people we like to work with.