Promotions, People, and Pricing

Selling social change?

We believe we can create social change by leading by example - so we offer pricing options and discounts that support non-profit organizations, Youth mentorship, and Aboriginal or Indigenous groups.
We do this with four key strategies:
  1. Build in mentorship opportunities in every contract.
  2. Celebrate that we trade or barter for services/products.
  3. We pay for referrals - and promote it proudly.
  4. Provide discounts to three key target groups.

Details of Pricing Decisions 

1. When we get hired, we'd like to build in Aboriginal Youth mentorship opportunities into every contract. We'll meet with you to find out how our ability to recruit or train Youth supports your goals for succession and HR planning, reaching specific target market groups, social responsibility commitments, or community engagement strategies...whatever makes you want to better recruit, hire, train, retain, engage, and/or learn from Aboriginal Youth groups.

We will find a way adjust our timelines to mentor Aboriginal Youth so they get hands-on practical training to learn how you and I both 'do' business.  Yes - this may cost you more because it may take us more time to do the work you need done, but it is an investment in your future.

2. There is a rich history of trades and bartering that was built on finding respectful ways to meet each others' needs. We understand budgets are limited and that marketing can be a creative juggling act, so we are open to trading or bartering services if we have sufficient revenue from other contracts or sources to maintain our business model. Be prepared that we follow CRA guidelines in recording these barters or trades and that we'd love to promote them!

3. We pay 10% for referrals - and we are proud to tell people about it We believe in rewarding people for doing the work for us. If you let people know that you like our work or our values, and it gets us into that company or community, we'll pay you 10% of the first contract. And much like we publicly tell people this so that it is a transparent transaction - not some shady backroom payoff or bribe. Much like paying a commission for making a good sale, we record it as a business expense. You get the cheque (or equal value in products or services), we get to do some good work, and we both get to keep our reputations and relationships solid.  

4. We offer discounts on our services for the three main groups that we choose to support. This includes Youth organizations, registered non-profit societies or charities, and Aboriginal/Indigenous/First Nations/Métis/Inuit groups.* (see WTF? page for an explanation of these terms)

Organizations may quality for one, two or all three of the following discounts. You can: 

For example, that means that if you are a Native youth non-profit group, you qualify for 30% off of our normal consulting rates, workshop prices, and coaching plans.

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