Reconciliation Week 2013 Pics

We were blessed to attend many Reconciliation Week Events on Coast Salish territories in Vancouver, BC in September 2013.  Organizers chose the theme "Numwayut - We Are All One' ... and there was a strong spirit of interconnectivity across Nations, ages, and beliefs that week at events around Vancouver.

Reconciliation means acknowledging the past so that we can have a better understanding of our current situation to enable us to move forward together in more respectful and inclusive ways.

Here's some pictures of Reconciliation Week 2013: Canoes arriving for Reconciliation Week All Nations Canoe Gathering

Reconciliation Week All Nations Canoe Spiritlink


Pride Parade Vancouver Reconciliation Canada Float with DJ O Show


Kristin and Felicia Greekas Reconciliation Canada Float at Gay Pride Parade Vancouver 2013

The Globe and Mail article, Prosperous, self-reliant First Nations are in everyone’s interest explains, "Aboriginal communities benefiting from self-directed economic development see reduced mortality, infectious and chronic disease, fewer mental health issues and less substance abuse."

Let's face it... the basic concept is that I will 'cost the system' less if I can 'earn and contribute' more. Empowered, educated, healthy individuals have a better chance of reaching their own potential and building stronger, more inclusive communities. But it is necessary to acknowledge a history of past injustices, rampant racism, and on-going systemic oppression that continues to limit many Aboriginal people from fully participating in Canada's economy.

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