But when will they just get over it?

Far too often I have heard ignorant statements about 'Aboriginal issues' that go something like this:

This is such a 'Father knows best' paternalistic, condescending, self-centered, disrespectful way of thinking.  It deflects responsibility from the oppressor to the oppressed; those without power are supposed to make it better for 'all of us.'

In the summer of 2013, yet one more 'stale pale male' asked me one of those questions, and I responded with what has now been named by my friends as ' Kristin's RANT RESPONSE'  . The full response is shared on a separate page (warning that there's potential triggers and a few swear words); but here's part of what I told him, then wrote about:

"I'm sure THEY'LL GET OVER IT the moment that every abusive teacher, priest, nun, administrator and policy-maker from those schools apologizes to the HUMANS they hurt; every Red Cross worker who did nutrition experiments on children admits they were no better than other fascist regimes."

Read the full story on this page, if you dare

Yep, definitely one of my most agitated conversations. It may humour or help you to read the full rant, or you many want to come up with your own less emotional and more educated response to start more respectful dialogues about whose issue it really is, why reconciliation must matter to all Canadians, and ways to create more respectful, thriving classrooms, boardrooms and living rooms. 

Really, it all gets back to the idea to all embrace the concept that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.