Aboriginal Language Thank You Postcards

When was the last time you received a personalized postcard?
Do you remember your smile?  Consider the value of a wonderful hand-written "Thank You" card.

Order Aboriginal language "Thank You" postcards from Spiritlink Communications this year to:
• show your gratitude to mentors, friends, suppliers and customers
• thank event speakers, delegates, funders, and partners
• educate people about the diversity of Aboriginal languages and cultures across Canada 
• improve your direct communication and customer relationship management strategy
• give as unique gifts or rewards that empower people.


These postcards honour the diversity of Aboriginal languages in Canada by highlighting over 25 ways to say, "Thank You." The postcard front has traditional phrases of Canada's First Nations and Métis Peoples. Aboriginal artist David C. Wilson from the Choctaw Nation created an inspirational design that captures both the sense of gratitude and spirit of connectedness emanating from its center.

NEW  - we've added greeting cards AND the option to customize cards with your own logo and message!  More details...

The postcard back promotes awareness and respect by recognizing the distinct and diverse sound systems of traditional languages that often do not translate directly into the English language.

In an article called, "The Story of the Aboriginal Thank You Postcard", Kristin explains how she has learned that often specific spellings, the use of accents on vowels and consonants and even the Nations' names themselves may vary when written. She says, "There are many dialects and traditional languages not shown on the card - the intent is not to exclude or neglect others but simply to give a glimpse of the diversity of languages I have heard from students, friend and co-workers over the last 10 years that I have been actively listening."  (Read the full story, here)

Some phrases are ways to say thank you to a friend, others would be used to show gratitude to a group of strangers, some are very formal, and yet others might be used to thank your own family members.

Choose these postcards for a quick, inexpensive, easy way to send a smile to your mentors, members, families and friends. This year, it will be easy for your organization to connect and show your gratitude to suppliers, community partners, friends and associates.

Pricing - standard postcards and greeting cards

Thank You postcards retail for only $2 each (taxes are additional, where applicable).

You can save by ordering bulk purchases of:
12 cards for $20        30 cards for $50 
65 cards for $100     200 cards for $280   
500 cards for $675    PLUS larger discounts for larger orders

Thank You greeting cards retail for only $3.00 each (taxes are additional, where applicable).   

You can save by ordering bulk purchases of:
20 cards for $55          50 cards for $130
100 cards for $270     250 cards for $600   
500 cards for $1050   1000 cards for $1950
PLUS larger discounts for larger orders

Shipping is free in North America; courier service can be arranged for an additional fee. Contact us for details. 

Partial proceeds from postcard sales will go to supporting computer literacy programs for Aboriginal Youth.  50 cents from each card sold is set aside to host free community workshops.

Youth groups and non-profit organizations can purchase cards at a substantial discount as fund-raisers for resale at events or in their office, as long as "The Story of the Aboriginal Thank You Postcard" is told or printed for each person who may be selling the cards.

To honour Spiritlink's commitment to sustainability and socially responsible business practices, the first 5000 postcards were printed on minimum 50% post-consumer recycled paper. Strong postcard sales through 2009 means that as of 2010, all our postcards have been made with a sustainable yet cost-effective process called 'TREE FREE PRINTING.'   Our postcards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with vegetable-based inks that contain limited ozone-damaging petroleum distilates and VOC's using an alcohol-free print process.  For details about Club Card's innovative TREE FREE PRINTING processes, visit the http://www.clubcard.ca website.

Contact Kristin at today to place your order:
In honour and respect, 

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Spiritlink Communications 
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 Give a gift that keeps on giving smiles and respect.  Thanks!