Resources for OSD, Residential Schools, and Reconciliation

Here are a few of my favourite resources about Residential Schools, Orange Shirt Day - Every Child Matters, and the need for Reconciliation in Canada. 

Reconciliation Canada: is a super place to start to learn background/history information. The 'Explore' section has videos, Elders' stories, and some FAQ.

Phyllis (Jack) Webstad's story and video about her residential school experiences and the "Orange Shirt Day - Every Child Matters' campaign.

Vancity Stories of Impact is a series of videos that talks about the need for reconciliation and the intergenerational effects of residential schools - and how corporations can step up to create a social fabric that inspires people to reach their potential. Nations 101 Aboriginal issues book

First Nations 101 - I keep lending out my copy of this short yet informative book by Tsimshian writer and Youth worker, Lynda Gray, is a straight-forward 'primer' that covers over 70 topics - from Veterans to urbanization. It's packed with 'calls to action' and additional resources.

We Were Children: a very heart-wrenching 1.5 hour film that, though challenging, I think every Canadian needs to watch Most colleges have access to it - ask a student or teacher to let you watch it if that's easiest.

SFU hosted a Day for Reconciliation, recording almost 3-hours of informative and inspirational talks from an inter-generational panel

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is gathering stories, hosting events, providing resource links and connecting communities.

I invite you to contact me to share links to your favourite resources, survivors' stories, documents, and teaching tools that give voice to the resilient survivors in these underfunded, often mismanaged schools.

Friend's Suggestions:

Melaney G-L shared links on FB September 25 to the Legacy of Hope Foundation '100 Years of Loss' educational resources about the history and legacy of residential schools - effectively providing practical tools that can be implemented in classrooms.