10 Reasons to Use RedWAY BC News This Year

1. RedWAY is easy. 

 If you’ve ever used a free newsletter template, then you’re familiar with learning curves and complex boxes that sometimes wrap and other times overlap. Enter RedWAY. We make it easy for anyone from students to Elders to secretaries to send us their own articles, in almost any format. We’ll upload them for you quickly and easily into our own templates within minutes, on the spot, if you need. Your articles look incredible when we’re done with them.  No program experience needed!

2. RedWAY is fast.

Why wait weeks for someone else to learn programming and scripting to make your on-line newsletter? With RedWAY, you can write, add pictures, and upload in only a few short minutes – we’ll do the rest. It’s quick and professional.

3. RedWAY is fun. 

We almost won a Humour in the Workplace Award in 2006 from Rock, Paper, Scissors. Almost. Just because you’re working with on-line publishing, you don’t have to do it without personality and style. Sharing stories is exciting, so shouldn’t your article be exciting too?

4. RedWAY helps you understand new technologies.

You know how the electronic mail was shortened to e-mail? Well we create an electronic magazine – an e-zine.  Say it out loud... “eee - zeehn”.  E-zines are more than just newsletters – they’re interactive. That means people can interact with our news. They jump around to links and take polls and send us comments and update their profiles.

Plus all advertisers and partners get a tracking report that shows exactly how many people saw that issue (views), moved around or looked at articles (hits), opened it through the email or website (opens), and clicked onto links or pictures in your article (clicks).  

5. RedWAY is secure.

We’ve done everything possible to ensure the safe keeping of your content and subscriber info.  Our e-zine microsite (that means “small website”) is hosted by I Make News Inc., a world leader in e-zine hosting services. They’re trusted by huge companies with way more money and resources than us to protect the integrity of content on-line.

6. RedWAY is portable.

Wherever you have an Internet connection, you have access to RedWAY. Plus, each page has a “print” option, so you can take your article offline and with you wherever you may go, to use at conferences or add it into your monthly reports as proof you’re doing your work.

7. RedWAY knows the Red Way. 

If you’ve ever hired a mainstream media company to write articles for you, then you`re used to working on their timelines, dealing with their communication barriers and having to edit their standard message style to fit your audience. Over 80% of our readers self-identify as Aboriginal; 55% are Youth.  We’ve been listening to our readers, mentors, teachers and Elders for years. We can save you time, and embarrassment, from doing it the wrong way.

8. RedWAY enhances your web presence.

People will find you faster when we highlight your name on the e-zine front page, repeat it in titles and link to it from other articles or issues. Our search engine optimization features make sure web surfers find you faster.  We can even direct our readers directly to your own website and update links and info anytime. Our permanent archives help readers search old articles to find you within our e-zine, too! Even if you don’t have your own website, at least you’ll have a professional article with contact info so they can find you easily on-line.

9. RedWAY is socially responsible.

Our Calendar of Events, Jobs and Employment and Smoke Signals sections are always free. We always set aside 10 free articles each month, with priorities for Aboriginal Youth, non-profit and small business initiatives. And EVERY chance we get, we hire and train Aboriginal writers to do polls, market research, write, and provide photos or graphics for RedWAY.

10. RedWAY is affordable.

Software, outsourced programmers, and even your own marketing department are all expensive ways to write content then publish ads and articles on-line. Our various plans offer you a more affordable solution for your marketing, recruitment, PR and communication needs. 

11. No long term contracts.

We want to earn your business, and we’re confident that you’ll like us so much that you’ll want to do more business with us later. So try us - you can buy one ad, hire our Aboriginal writers to write one article, use us to do one on-line poll, administer one on-line survey or bring us to one event...and we’ll make you proud that you supported the RedWAY.

11. The RedWAY helps you make better decisions.

When you buy an ad in a paper or on the radio, do they tell you how many people actually read that issue, or went to your website while reading the paper, or showed their friends? We provide advertisers and partners with a detailed, customized report every month. We know you have to regularly report to clients and decision makers and Boards and partners, so we make it easy for you to be accurate, accountable and in control of information you need so you can all make better decisions for your future.