Who Writes for RedWAY?

Who writes for RedWAY BC News?

YOU do!  Since we started in December 2003, Spiritlink Communications has published over 75 issues, including over 1400 stories and links to over 10,600 events, job postings and profiles of success. Most have been submitted by community members!


We're gather and share tons of info relevant to Urban Aboriginal Youth every day from community partners, our readers and former Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members. We provide easy to use on-line tools to help our readers access programs and services to survive and thrive in our community, while helping non-Aboriginal people work more effectively with Aboriginal people.  Our goal is to create a regular and a special issue every month, so content deadlines are usually around the 6th and the 20th (check the latest issue for details: www.imninc.com/spiritlink).


What's a RedWAY BC News Community Page?

Recognizing that many of our subscribers and potential partners don't have the time, capacity or money available to create their own e-zine right now, we've come up with an interactive, cost-effective solution.  You can easily have YOUR OWN section in our e-zine that YOU can update regularly for EVERY issue.  Half-page rates are $800 for 6 months or $1200 per year. Ask us about 2-hour training sessions for your staff so they learn how to use e-zine templates and write for the web.  Our contacts and expertise, your content and results.


It's easy to get started with your own Community Page

1.    Contact us and say, "Come tell us more about RedWAY BC News Community Pages."

2.    Brainstorm with your team for potential article or advertising content

3.    After a consultation (in person, by phone, by fax, or by e-mail - whatever works for you) we'll determine article content, order, training, appropriate dates and contact protocols

4.    Send your articles in, watch for the next issue and get a detailed report within 2 weeks.

5.    Reap the benefits of repetition, empowerment, and innovation!



Goals of RedWAY BC News e-zine

We're working to create a socially responsible business model.  We'll compile regular sections (like an Events Calendar Smoke Signals, and Job Postings Section) and share 10 free articles each issue. To offset hosting and production costs, we also invite opportunities for partnerships, paid advertising space and enhanced article listings.  See our Prices, Partners, Deadlines, and Dateslink in each issue for details. It's the best way to be accountable and sustainable as we share the good vibes, bring people out to your events, and create awareness about issues and opportunities for our community.


RedWAY BC News also supports "Canadian Connectedness" in a global economy, as we:

 Subscribe to support our future and connect today. Contact our Publisher for more information, advertising rates, partnership opportunities, and to submit stories or articles.  E-mail us at redway@spiritlinking.com or phone Kristin at 604-783-8304.