Workshops & Training

Capacity development starts within. We've got over 20 years of facilitation experience and a wealth of knowledge to share. Let us help identify your needs, goals, time available and appropriate training to increase your team's productivity and satisfaction levels.

Choose from a range of 1-hour tutorials, half-day or full-day workshops, and part-time evening courses. Scroll down for info about our 6 core workshop abstracts and our new 8-module WAARP Training Series for Aboriginal artists and tourism companies.  

Think ahead, today!

A 2007 survey by Manpower indicated that Less than 25% of employers have effective retention strategies for senior workers 
    (read article from July 2007 issue of RedWAY BC News)

Review your HR plan to make sure you've got a succession are you sharing your knowledge with future employees and volunteers? Professional development opportunities help recruit, retain, and involve staff.  Nisga'a Commercial group July 2007 in New Aiyansh, BC

For a longer-term HR and marketing strategies, we can approach training organizations with you to provide customized capacity development programs for you, your team, and your community. 

Speaking Engagments and Core Workshops

Here's a sample of 6 of our popular workshops we present at conferences and at school events, or deliver in your organization.  The attachment opens in a separate window as a Word document. It includes 6 popular workshops, suggested formats, category streams, timelines, target audiences and a 75-100 word description that can be used for conference materials and programs.

Ask about our other workshops and seminars that can help you enhance your skill levels in over 20 topic areas, including:

• Writing for the Web - Turn it Around! 

• Sales Skillz for Aboriginal Youth
E-zines: What's an On-line magazine? E-zines made easy

Humour@Work? HA!
• The 21 B's of Youth Engagement

• Writing & Grammar Tips
• Writing Marketing & Event Plans That Work

• Digital Literacy Skills
• Top 10 Business Letters

• 3 Levels of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Programs & Courses
















WAARP Series:
 Workshops for Aboriginal Artists to Reach their Potential

This 8-module workshop series has evolved from years of experiences coaching, listening to, and learning from a range of talented Aboriginal artists and tourism students. Core writing and digital literacy skills are developed as participants learn the basics of creating - and maintaining- their own sales and marketing package.  It's interactive, fun and short and sweet... because I know most artists and tourism business operators would rather be carving or leading canoe tours than sitting in a classroom!   See overview, here.


We're honoured to have worked with Aboriginal organizations like the Native Education Centre, Kla-how-eya and Helping Spirit Lodge Society. See our clients success page to find others who've supported our socially responsible business.