Electronic Magazines "E-zines": RedWAY News and E-zine Development

E-zine (pronounced "EE-ZEEN") is the short version of "electronic magazine."

An e-zine is like an on-line magazine or virtual newsletter publication that gets emailed directly to people who want to receive it.

Why would your company, Tribal Council, or Elders' organization consider publishing your own e-zine, or maybe in advertising in our e-zine (RedWAY News)?

What if you knew that 68% of customers who opened an email offer ACTED on it in the last month?

How might that improve sales at your next fundraiser, artisan fair, or product launch? How might it increase attendance at your next community meeting or election? That statistic and other interesting marketing tips (though based on US research) is from an article called "E-mail Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam.'

The article also explains Smart Spending Email marketing this graphic showing that for every $1 spent on direct e-mail marketing, companies made an average of $40.56 back. That's a significant return on investment.  See the full graphic and links to various marketing reports at: http://www.marketingshow.com/email-marketing-best-practices/.

How do e-zines compare to regular print or .pdf newsletters?

Both can have pictures, text, graphics, colours and whatever content you want (stories, maps, brochures surveys, coupons, directions). !

Brochures and printed newsletters get your messages OUT, but it's tough to gather data back IN from your readers. Good e-zine programs help you create and manage lists, do polls, easily upload content, and generate reports so you know who reads what,  when. You and your funders/partners can make better decisions.


Want to see specific examples of how E-zines can work for YOU?

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Want to learn about our E-zine, RedWAY News? RedWAY BC News screenshot Issue60 for Spiritlink website promoting Aboriginal and Indigenous News, Events and Opportunities

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